Disappearing Transaction List

Sometimes when I hit enter, this shows up which hides the transaction screen - I can close Quicken and will be there when they reopen. Any ideas?


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    I recommend that, before you do any other attempts at troubleshooting, you rename your Quicken data file from the current, absurdly long file name to something much shorter, perhaps not exceeding 8 characters, e.g. QDATA or LEE2023 or ...
    There haven been reports of bad behavior by Quicken when very long file names were used.
    To rename a Quicken data file close Quicken and use Windows File Explorer to locate and rename the file. When renamed, double-click the just renamed file in File Explorer to start Quicken using and memorizing the new file name.
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    Your account has gone into "Simple" investing mode. This hides the register.
    Go into the Account Details and set it to Complete mode and your register will return. Check it for any transactions that went missing during the time it was Simple.
    To prevent all accounts from going Simple, set the relevant Investments preference.
    Also, your long file name seems to be the result of using backup files. You ought to get rid of the dangling version numbers and such.

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