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What happened to the clock icon that would display in the account bar when a bill is coming due? It hasn't shown up for the last several days. The calendar also does not show the reminders even though I have that option checked. I can see the reminder when I click on Bill and Income Reminders at the bottom of the window. I checked my backup dated 2/10/23 and it showed up there. I am running Quicken Deluxe, version R47.15, Build with Windows 11 Home.


  • UKR
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    What do you see right now? Can you show us an example?
    Does the Status column exist in the register? Is it wide enough to show at least the icon or, if really wide, to show both the icon and some text?
  • brftadpole
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    I can see it in the Status Column if it is displayed, which I choose not to do. I am talking about the Account Bar I display on the right. I have attached a screen shot showing the Status Column and a previous backup from February 10 showing the clock icon in the account bar. The reminders do not show in the calendar either.
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