Simple Balance tracking account value showing as 0 in sidebar? (Q Mac)

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Hello I'm on Quicken 6.12.2 for Mac and my Empower Retirement account which is tracking the balance using the Simple tracking method (since detailed isn't available for Empower) is showing the proper account value as "Cash", however in the sidebar it is showing as $0.


  • lhossus
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    My results are a little bit different, but also not as expectied. What I see:

    1. Market Value matches the Account balance on the Empower website.
    2. Sidebar balance is the same as the Market Value.
    3. Portfolio shows no securities (there should be 3 funds).
    4. Portfolio shows Cash - in an amount equal to the Market Value. (the actual account has no cash)

    I was expecting the individual securities to appear in the Portfolio view.

    And I notice that the Market Value is not being updated with each Quicken Update (sync). I see only a handfull or less of data points in a given month.

    And some of these points have a value of $0.00! So, if I were to look on another day, I might just see Cash of $0.00 along with the “no securities” portfolio.

    Quicken Mac Subscription • macOS Monterey 12.6 on MacBook Pro 13" M1
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