Difference, red flag versus blue dot on downloaded transactions

With the latest Quicken update, downloaded bank transactions gives the red flag on bank accounts, then allows review and approval of downloaded transactions before moving them to the register, but now the CitiBank account shows a blue dot, and the new transactions are already in the register, also having a blue dot with the word 'New' in blue. This does not then allow me to review and approve the new transactions, only reconcile.


  • vjhaddock
    vjhaddock Unconfirmed, Member
    I have the same issue after the latest update. Not sure if this is also related to the latest windows update. I used to be able to download transactions that would be available to move to the register. Now I have the blue dots, and am not able to accept, categorize, etc. I am also having issues with the paycheck box coming up blank, and some old transactions that were categorized show as not.
  • RichardCSchreyer
    RichardCSchreyer Member ✭✭✭✭
    Under Account List check to make sure Automatic is turned off
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