Quicken crashes when click on Bills & Income tab

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I'm writing this hoping it is a resolution for everyone. I've seen other threads describing crashes when people USE the Bills & Income tab, but not when they just click on it. Mine crashes every time I just click on the tab, before it even opens the tab. I immediately get the error report screen requesting I submit the crash report.

Well, I tried many things, most on the threads related to this topic, but none worked. I saw where some people reinstalled everything, did the validations, and even reinstalled Windows 11 (which, by the way, someone said worked for them. I believe their problem was a crash when scrolling through the bills on the bills & income tab).

Well, I didn't want to reinstall Windows 11, especially since my computer is only about 1 month old. So, I did what only someone desperate would do...I called support!

I have to say, kudos to them. The guy helping me went through the normal stuff: doing the validation, going directly to bill & income via tools, etc., but nothing worked. He put me on hold for a bit and came back...with what ended up being the solution for me.

Support had me create a template file from the data file that had the problem. A template basically wipes your account web set up and other stuff, leaving the accounts themselves and the data (transactions) in place. It does other things I don't know about. So, after you do this, you'll have to reenable web updates for each account.

1. First, open your Quicken file and make a backup. "File>Backup or Copy File", click "create a full backup, click "Next". I always click the "add date" and "add time" to backup name options. Click "Save Backup".

2. Close the Quicken File.

3. In a regular file explorer window, I changed the name of my Quicken file (the one with the problem) by adding "Bad" to the end of the name. You don't have to do this, but I wanted to keep a copy of the bad file so I could reproduce the problem if needed. It's normally here: C:\Users\"yourusername"\Documents\Quicken\"Your Quicken Data QDF File".

2. Open in Quicken the "Bad" file whose name you just changed. Find it in file explorer and double click on it. Now, do a validation on your file. If nothing else, it could repair some problems you have so you can start with a cleaner version of your file. Click "File>Validate and repair file". Click "Validae File", "OK". It will show you the results.

4. Now, create a template. Go to "File>Copy or Backup". Click "Create a copy or template" and click "Next". A pop-up displays showing you the date of transactions that will be saved, a few other settings, and the location/name of the template file. Leave everything with those defaults, and make sure the file path and name is what you want. By default, it adds the letters "Cpy" to the end of the file name. Click "Save a Copy". You'll see a progress screen until the copy is made. If you had a password on your file, it will ask you if you want to put one on this file. I didn't and just put the password on when I knew the file was OK. So, I clicked "Cancel" on this and it tells you the file is no longer pw protected.

7. It then asks you which file you'd like to use (open). Pick "new copy", click "OK". It opens this new template file (the one w/"Cpy" at the end of the name).

8. With the new file opened, I clicked on the "Bills & Income" tab and no longer got the
crash. Try to duplicate your crash scenario and see if it still crashes. Hopefully not! If so, call support!

9. If your crash is gone, now, you have to go to all of your accounts and reconnect them for auto transaction download. The easiest way is to go to "Tools>Account Details" to display them all. Then, for each account you want to reconnect, click "edit" to get the "account details" window. Click the "Online Services" tab, in "online setup", click "Set up Now". Follow the instructions from there. Of course you'll need your user names and passwords.

10. I then made a backup of this file and closed it. I then went into file explorer and changed the name of this now-working file (the one with "Cpy" on the end) to my normal Quicken data file name I wanted.

Well, I hope this helps!
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