How to sum up Income Groups for first line of budget screen

I'd like to present Total Income as first label on the budget screen and the Income Groups beneath it. I created a group named TOTAL INCOME and tried to nest the Income Groups below it ... didn't work. Can this even be done? Seems like I can't create two levels in the group.


  • Scooterlam
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    Quicken does not allow you to nest category groups.

    What you can do, is have a category group for the income total line and nest normal income categories (and subcategories) under that income group.  Or, perhaps you've tried that?

    Something like....

    Category Group                                  Total Income
       >> Category 1                                     >> W-2 Job Self
       >> Category 2                                    >> W-2 Job Spouse
       >> Category 3                                    
    >> 1099 Consulting Client 1
       >> Category 4                                    >>  Misc. Income

  • UKR
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    IMHO, I'd keep it simple and only use the predefined Category Groups
    instead of adding homegrown Category Groups.
    Older Quicken versions once had category groups "Income" and "Expenses" for a while. If those still exist, I'd change those to "Personal Income", "Personal Expenses" respectively.
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