Connection to Bank of America never fixes

Quicken Mac 6.12.3 (latest as of today). Every time I launch Quicken, it tells me there's a connection error with Bank of America (that the connection needs to be updated). I follow all the steps, which includes being taken to the BOA site, logging in, and reauthorizing things. Then all that finishes, Quicken attempts to re-sync, and then starts all over again telling me it has a connection problem with Bank of America. In other words, it never resolves. It's been doing this for weeks.

What do I do? I can post screenshots if it's helpful (if this forum lets me).


  • aksdjfhlk23fkjhsa
    Update: with the help of Quicken phone support, I was able to solve this issue by disconnecting all BOA accounts, resetting my Quicken Cloud, logging out, logging back in, and reconnecting the BOA accounts.
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