Trying to relink my USAA credit card account

In the Quicken screen, it shows the credit card account, but shows up as Savings type in second column. I am unable to link to the USAA account. I've looked at the Account Details screen and it shows as a credit account. It was fine in the past. What changed?


  • solzia
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    This was a response to another customer that I tried from Jared on a similar issue. I was able add all my accounts with no issues using the TEST data file. BUT, how do I transfer this success to my current file? (Trying to add a new USAA account didn't work either.)

    "Save a backup by going to File > Copy or Backup File... in the upper menu at the top of the screen and then create a 'test' data file by going to the same menu and selecting New Quicken File... Next, choose New Quicken File in the screen that follows, and then click OK. After this, choose a file location on your computer and then click Save. Choose Don't use mobile and web when prompted.

    Try adding your USAA accounts in the test file by navigating to the Add Account button denoted by the '+' symbol in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. I am curious to hear if you notice this behavior with transactions being downloaded into the incorrect accounts in the test file. "
  • Quicken Jared
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    Hello @solzia,

    We are sorry about this issue with online banking services and re-adding accounts. Thank you for talking with us about this here on the Quicken Community.

    First, I do not recommend using a test data file when trying to reauthorize and/or readd your online banking accounts with USAA. I also have some additional questions about this situation. Is this also a corporate card, by chance? Also, have you already followed the steps of reauthorizing your USAA accounts? Let us know if you have not been prompted to do so.

    I look forward to your response.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared

  • solzia
    solzia Member
    Thanks for the response. I did get the reauthorization message, and results were not completely successful. I am now to the point where the USAA credit card is updating successfully (my main concern). But one of my USAA accounts is still not showing up (not much activity, so ok), and a USAA savings account is now showing up ad Type 'checking' and trying to link to a Verizon account.
  • memurray67
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    Quicken Jared, I have just developed a similar issue. I went through the reauthorization process but my USAA Credit Card is now linked to my USAA Checking account and I can't unlink it. Quicken wants to add my checking account as a new account. The link screen won't allow me to change anything for the credit card. It is not corporate - they are all personal accounts and I've not had any problems.
  • SpartyRB
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    Having the same issue for several weeks now. Spent a few hours with IT to try and solve this without success. Quicken is still recognizing my online credit card account as a savings account which means I can't link it the existing credit card account in Quicken. This is affecting other users so wish Quicken would post a solution.
  • BBUD1974
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    Ok I found the solution for this issue that just randomly popped up on my computer. My issue that my USAA credit card transactions were trying to load into a savings accout from another bank.

    Here is the solution:

    1. Click on the account in Quicken your having issues with.
    2. Navigate to the gear on the right hand top of the screen
    3. Use the dropdown to "Edit Accout Details"
    4. In the "General Tab" ensure your account number is correct and bank name is correct.
    • Note you may have to disconnect this account in Quicken from your bank, so you can change your name.

    Once I did this it worked like a charm.

  • solzia
    solzia Member

    I had tried all of this before (BBUD1974's post) with my credit card with no success. But this post prompted me to try going into the savings account it kept on trying to link to, and the account was showing as my credit card account number (strange). I fixed that and now the credit card now shows as Type=Credit Card, so can link correctly! All is not perfect yet—Quicken still trying to match a few things incorrectly and when I tried to fix those, I had to relink my USAA credit card again, but at least I CAN. Things are looking up.

  • memurray67
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    Yup...Quicken had the wrong account number. Corrected it and it linked up. Thanks!
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