Next Months Bill Reminders Flagged as Skipped

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Noticed in Community Support this was also a problem in 2020 but no solution posted.

Bill Reminder upcoming payee transactions when entered into an account from Bill and Income Reminders results in Quicken automatically flagging the payees' next monthly reminder as “Skipped” when they should not be skipped. eg. enter upcoming Feb bill and then Quicken marks the upcoming March reminder as skipped but shouldn't be. Can correct by changing the due date for the skipped transactions and future transactions which is a workaround and not a fix for the program bug. This shouldn't be happening.

Anyone else experiencing this or have a solution? Thanks.


  • Snorkle
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    I saw this problem last week for one of my reminders. I ignored it and it self-corrected a few days later.
  • Smoothieusa
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    Hi Snorkie, you're lucky that works for you. Tried ignoring skipped bill reminder transactions and waiting for self-correcting over several days. Did not work for me. This problem has been going on for at least the last couple of weeks. Skipped reminders have not self-corrected. Could be a program bug. IMO, the program should not change the next bill reminder in sequence to “Skipped” as they were not skipped just because the current reminder is entered. That isn't right. It never used to do that until recently. Still hoping for / need other fix options. Thanks again!

  • Smoothieusa
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    Dear Quicken, the Bill Reminder feature for me is unreliable and not operating as intended. Next month's Bill Reminders are constantly marked as skipped by the program after entering the current month's Bill Reminder. This occurs for every payee in the list of Bill Reminders that is entered for their current month reminder. The Quicken program should not be automatically skipping the next month's bill reminder just because the current month's reminder is entered. As a result, upcoming payments are missed until an unexpected bill or other charge shows up in an account after a one step update. This problem needs fixing asap to maintain the integrity, completeness and accuracy of my Quicken's Bill Reminders.

    Is there something I need to set differently in Bill Reminder or can you fix it? This probelm has been occurring over the last few weeks and does “self-resolve” after waiting a few days. Thank you.

  • Susan Evans
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    Billminder is just not working right anymore. Don't know how long ago, as I've been distracted with other issues. But Billminder no longer pops up when Windows loads. And new items don't show correctly, and it's just weird! I've renamed RMD.exe files in order to repopulate a new file, but that doesn't work either. Is Billminder no longer being supported? What have I missed? Can't find info to possibly fix this. Yuk?
  • browns4x
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    This feature has been acting screwy for over a year for me. I have had numerous phone conversations with the Quicken "experts." Ha!! Last January, I was told my file was corrupt after having managed over 30 accounts on my Quicken file for nearly 15 years flawlessly. The only way to fix it, according to the "expert" was to create a completely new file. Can you imagine how much work it is to load 30 "new" accounts and then try to reconcile everything for the past 3 months?? I did it and the program worked great for about 11 months. Then guess what?? Started doing the same thing. I called the "experts" again in February. He couldn't even run a diagnostic correctly and then he told me it would fix itself after the next Quicken update. What a freaking joke!! My favorite is when they tell you they've never heard of this issue, but you can see multiple complaints about it in this community. I wish I could just get rid of this program. Unfortunately, nothing else really comes close to what this program can do……when it works.

  • sralaura
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    Quicken Bills & Income - no longer working properly. Everytime I enter a bill the reminder for the next month is skipped! This has wreaked havoc on my budget, and the only workaround I am able to find is manually checvking and cross referencing EVERY bill each month. I have been dealing with this issue for months hoping that an update would come soon to address it but am close to abandoning Quicken.

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