Old Reminders show back up

I've been really having a lot of issues with my Quicken that's really making me want to go to something else.

I've had a lot of reminders that just disappear. I know something should be coming up for the current month but I find the reminder is no longer in the list but the 'next' month is. And I have not entered it.

Then I still get the issue where when I do click and select a reminder transaction to enter, it first prompts me with popups (sometimes multiple ones) asking if this is for a 'much' older transaction. So I have to go through these popups click 'no' until it finally lets me enter the transaction I was wanting to enter in the first place.

Now, today, I got my statement for OPPD for a March payment, so I went into the reminders and entered the amount for that March payment. I then did a One Step Update. after that completed all my different banks had several transactions downloaded from as far back as 2020 (along with a few current ones). So I had to delete all these transactions.
Then I noticed the OPPD reminder now was showing overdue and it was showing a date of 9/14/2022 (along with another one back in 2022). Everyone of my different accounts had a few old reminders on each one of them. I had to go through and do a skip on every month of them until they finally caught up to the actual correct dated reminder. (All these I skipped had been entered a long time ago and have even been reconciled each month.)

And my computer date and time is set correctly.

So just getting really tired of all these issue and definitely not a trustworthy application that it used to be.
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