Checks generated from CheckPay placeholders are off by $0.01

When performing needed maintenance on my BillPay accounts, it turned out that there were items on the server that were no longer in my account registers. These were CheckPay instructions that I have used successfully, but they somehow got out of sync. I'm glad that Quicken was able to restore the transactions, but while I was reconciling my bank statement, the ending balance was off by $0.02.

Investigating, I realized that two items that were problematic were both marked as placeholders in my register. In each case, the amount shown in the register was correct, but the amount of the check was $0.01 greater than the correct amount. Two checks, one cent each, means that the bank statement had an ending balance $0.02 greater than what my Quicken showed.

The only CheckPay transactions that I have seen this with were placeholder transactions. When I discovered this, reviewed all of my recent CheckPay transactions that had been pulled down as placeholders from the server, and they all exhibited this issue.

Please fix this problem!


  • Ending balance of debits/checks, I should have said. The total amount in the account was $0.02 less than what it should have been.
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