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I select the memorized transactions that I want to post every month through the Edit Transactions dialog in the Bill and Income Reminders window and then click Save. When the next month comes around, some of the selected transactions are not posted and when I go back to Edit Transactions, the missing transactions are not check marked. It was recommended to run the Validate program and if that didn't work, then run the Super Validate program. I did that and that did not fix the problem. Any help is appreciated.


  • mshiggins
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    It sounds like you are using a Scheduled Transaction Group to enter a set of Memorized Payee transactions.

    There have been reports here for the past few months of Scheduled Transaction Groups losing their Memorized Payee transactions. I don't believe a fix has yet been found. The workaround is to set up the individual Memorized Payee transactions as individual Reminders.

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