QWin Premier: Cursor over any chart displays flashing comment box.

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This is a problem I've had for quite a while (years) over several different releases. I'm currently using the most recent version of QWin Premier and the most up to date version of Win10.
When ever I hover the cursor over a chart that's supposed to display the value of the chart at that location the comment box briefly flashes and then disappears.
Anyone else seen this? I found one other person with this issue from 2017. There wasn't really any solution offered.
As far as I know all my drivers are current. QWin is the only place this happens.


  • Quicken Jared
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    Hello @DBWnNC ,

    We are sorry about this problem with display irregularities. Thank you for looking to the Quicken Community for assistance.

    Have you additionally try uninstalling the Quicken software using the steps listed in this Support Article, then deleting Quicken from the Program Files (x86) folder? You may then reinstall the software after following those steps using the steps listed here.

    I look forward to hearing about your results.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared

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