Reports quits/closes every time I need to switch between reports

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Till recently, it was a breeze to edit reports. I could open and close any of them, go back and forth between reports and seamlessly edit transaction details, etc., Now, every time I close a report, or go to transactions, I need to go back to the top bar, select Reports again, and then scroll through the list of all reports I kept in the file till I find the current one I'm working on -- this is such a hassle! (I'm not talking about the minimized report at the bottom -- I'm referring to accessing other reports in file.) If I make a mistake and open the wrong report, there's no arrow to go back to where I was before, and the tedious process of reopening Reports needs to be repeated. Is there a way to go back and forth between reports without quitting Reports? It worked so well before. This new "improvement" makes no sense and is causing a lot of frustration. (I hope there's a way to achieve this. Please help!)


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    Each report opens in its own window. You can have multiple reports open at the same time but if you're looking at them full-screen you wouldn't know more than one was displayed. It's been that way for a while I think. The last major overhaul to reports was a couple years ago (5.17). Did you recently upgrade from a much older version?

    If there's a particular set of reports you frequently use, you can Save those and they'll be listed under “My Reports” in the report sidebar an the Reports tab. I have half a dozen of my most frequently used reports saved there.

    Much easier than going through all the report categories looking for them. Just right-click on a report & select Duplicate and then press the Save button. There's also the Recently Opened selection in the sidebar that should make it easier to go back to a recently viewed report.

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