Account details: How to change them

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I have a savings account that for some reason is identified in my "Account Details" ("General" tab) as a "checking" account. However, I cannot seem to select it to correct that. Nor can I input the routing #. Any idea why?


  • Mark1104
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    look in the “display options” tab and change the ‘account intent' - does that fix it?

    did you correctly enter the “online services” - I suspect that is what controls the routing # and account #

  • UKR
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    I guess that the account, when created, was incorrectly created as Account Type = Checking.
    The Account Type of an existing account cannot be changed in Quicken for Windows.

    If you want to clean this up I recommend you do the following. Otherwise ignore it as a minor issue.

    • Create a new offline account register with the correct Account Type = Savings, opening date 12/31/22 and opening balance 0.00
    • Create a balance transfer transaction for 12/31/22 to transfer the actual balance from old to new account.
    • Move all transactions since 1/1/23 from old to new account register
    • Backup your Quicken data file.
    • Deactivate the old account if it's activated for downloading
    • Activate the new account register for downloading. Accept and match all downloaded transactions for year 2023. Delete, do not accept all downloaded transactions older than 1/1/23

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