American Express Connectivity Issue

I have an Amex card that I have had connected to quicken for several years. Updated to the new connection method for Amex several months ago and after some initial issues, it's been working fine for months.

This card was compromised and Amex cancelled it and reissued a new card with different numbers but under the same account. Account stopped connecting with Quicken. I disabled the automatic connection, waited for the new card to arrive and be activated and now I cannot reconnect to Amex with Quicken.

When I try to connect online services, Quicken locks up and requires a hard stop using task manger to exit.

Any suggestions?


  • UKR
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    Because you had to kill Quicken, please do the following actions:
    • Even if you are on the latest software level already, download and install the latest Mondo Patch file from to ensure your Quicken software is up to date and correctly installed.
    • Reboot Windows.
    • Validate and Supervalidate your Quicken data file.
    • If nothing helps, try to restore your Quicken data file from an Automatic or Manual backup taken just prior to the problems first occurring.

    After deactivating the AmEx account register, please go into Edit Account Details, General tab, and blank out Finanicial Institution name, Account Number Routing Number and Customer ID. Save changes, exit Quicken. Wait about 30 seconds then restart Quicken. Now use the Add Account process ("+" icon in the Account Sidebar title) to activate the account. When you get to the list of accounts found at the bank, carefully LINK the account found at AmEx to the already existing account register in Quicken
    Validate and Supervalidate instructions
    First save a backup file prior to performing these steps
    1. Click File
    2. Select Validate and Repair File...
    3. Select Validate File
    4. If the data file contains investment accounts also select "Rebuild investing lots". If you suspect that a damaged Quotes Price History causes your problems, also select "Correct investing price history" functions "Delete" or "Repair and Rebuild".
    5. Click OK
    6. Close the Data Log
    7. Close Quicken (leave it closed for about 30 secs)
    8. Reopen Quicken and see if the issue persists.
    Super Validate:
    1. Click File
    2. Press and hold both CTRL and Shift keys while you click Validate and Repair File...
    3. Select Supervalidate File
    4. Click OK
    5. Close the Data Log
    6. Close Quicken (leave it closed for about 30 secs)
    7. Reopen Quicken and see if the issue persists.

  • schambery
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    Hi UKR........Just wanted to thank you for the advice. I followed your recommendations step by step (had never validated or supervalidated my Quicken file before). Nothig seemed to work until I got to the part where you instructed to open the Amex account details in quicken and delete Financial institution name and account number. Once I did that, Quicken allowed me to reconnect with auto-downloads from Amex and now I'm back in business. Thank you so much for the assistance! Have a great day!
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