Closed accounts still show in transaction lists

After 20 years of quicken, I have a lot of closed accounts. They are definitely closed, but they still show up in the "transfers" category when I'm entering a transaction. When I look at the account details the "hid in transaction lists" checkbox is gray and not editable. Is this normal behavior, or can I change it somehow?


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    No, sorry. I'm afraid that's not something you can change.

    To avoid confusing closed accounts with live ones, I always edit the account register name and prefix all those account names with a Tilde character (~). This or using a “z” or “zzz” prefix will sort the accounts to the bottom of account selection lists, making it less likely to be confused with a live account.
    e.g. “~AmEx Blue 1005”

    Edited after original posting:
    The use of the ~tilde character only works in Quicken for Windows. Mac users need to use “z” or “zzz”.

  • wyndwoman
    Great suggestion. Thank you!
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