Downloading preferred stock data from Vanguard

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will Q transfer information on preferred stock which is ceqp.p ie(5 lettters?
is their a limit to number of stock, I appear to get 6 stock but not say & or *?

if not is there a work around?

Thanks KYglen


  • q_lurker
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    The prefered series of Crestwood Equity seems to be available ifor downloaded data from Quicken's sources using the ticker CEQP-. The regular shares are through ticker CEQP (no enfing hypen). Set the ticker that way and see if that take care of your needs.

    Note that your brokerage (Vanguard?) will download prices based on a securities match that does not need to match at the ticker level or the name level. Other security detail does not come from the brokerage.

    That other data comes through Quicen's sources and relies solely on ticker symbold. THis is the first case I know of where the distinction between regular shares and preferred shares is a hyphen appended to the ticker. More commonly it is a more distinct suffix lke -A or -J.

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