Cannot add account with expired subscription - max datasets error

My quicken subscription has lapsed and I tried to add a new account. I got the message exceeded maximum number of datasets so I went to quicken support.
I was told that I cannot add a new account with an inactive subscription.
Was this in the fine print?


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    I was operating Quicken 2015. I use Quicken mostly as a simple accounting function and did not use any of the online functionalities and did not have a subscription. Running operating system Safari 10.10.6. Suddenly I could not log onto my accounts and was directed to sign into I did that and created an account. This did not solve the issue. I was able to log into my account, but the program would immediately shut down and a warning triangle would appear. Though my iMac is 10-11 years old, it was upgradable to Big Sur 11.7.4.
    Still does not permit to sign into my account. The account would appear only momentarily and then be immediately dropped. I would like very much to not loose my quicken data. Would attempting to down load a higher version solve the issue or might it damage the possibility of getting access to my date indefinitely?
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    Will need to go thru your posting and create a new topic with each mentioned element..

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    @XCountryToo call support back and tell them to help you with the exceeded maximum number of datasets issue. Don't mention the add account issue. Try the add account after you get the dataset error cleared.

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    Theoretically you should always be able to add a new account, even with a lapsed subscription, provided that you add the new account as an “Offline account”:
    Start the Add Account process ("+" icon in the Account Sidebar title) and click the “Offline account” tab at the bottom of the window. Follow instructions.

    Please let us know if you can make this work for you.

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