PhotoDirector with "quicken data_SyncLog" and "Quicken DataOFXLOG"

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I get a copy of PhotoDirector with " harry's quicken data_SyncLog" and "Harry's Quicken DataOFXLOG" when I log out of Quicken:. I showes up on my desktop. Any idea why PhotoDirector is attached to my quicken files?


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    Looks to me like this “PhotoDirector” program has assigned the file type of “DAT” to itself instead of leaving it a generic file type which can be used by many applications.

    These DAT files only appear on your Desktop if your Quicken data file, “harry's quicken data.QDF” is also located on the Desktop.
    Your Quicken data file should be stored in the default (and recommended) location
    provided that this folder is NOT accessed by MS OneDrive or any other cloud backup service while Quicken is running.

    If you wish to move the QDF file and these DAT files to the \Documents\Quicken folder, please do so while Quicken is closed. After moving the files with WIndows File Explorer double-click the QDF file. This will start Quicken using the file in its new location and make Quicken memorize the new location for next time, when you start Quicken using its regular Desktop or Start Menu shortcut icon.

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    That worked, Thanks
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