Quicken sync with TD Ameritrade Advisor Client is a mess

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I have a financial advisor handle a portion of my money, and that money is stored at TD Ameritrade in the form of an IRA, Roth IRA and Indiv Brokerage accounts. However, because my financial advisor helps manage this, you do not use the standard TD Ameritrade website but instead the TD Ameritrade Advisor Client website (advisorclient.com).

Quicken does recognize the TD Ameritrade Advisor Client website when you setup downloads via Quicken Connect. At first glance, the sync seems to work and Quicken issues no errors. However, once you compare the numbers downloaded via Quicken to the numbers on the actual TD Ameritrade Advisor Client website, you realize that Quicken is completely screwing up the downloaded data. For example, if I have $500k in an IRA, quicken will report the IRA value as $300k. Furthermore, I may have $20k in cash in the IRA, but Quicken reports my cash position as -$100k. Quicken also fails to acknowledge any bonds I have in the IRA and ignores them completely. Quicken seems to download the ETF and mutual fund data, although I suspect that data is also wrong since I cannot reconcile this data once I take into account the other issues I know exist.

So at this point, I'm forced to track my retirement fund and investments by a spreadsheet, while I just use Quicken to track checking/savings accounts and credit cards. I've been using Quicken for 15 years, and at this point I'm questioning whether it is worth it anymore. I'm not sure if the problem is with Quicken or TD Ameritrade, or a combination of the two, but I'm really hoping this can be resolved.


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    Ok, I think I solved the issue by talking to tech support at TD Ameritrade.

    TD Ameritrade and the TDA Advisor Client websites are completely separate from one another, and if I try to access my accounts from a web browser by the typical TD Ameritrade website, I'm not recognized and cannot login. I have to use the Advisor Client website to access my accounts online. However, with respect to Quicken pulling data, I need to point the program at the TD Ameritrade website and NOT the TDA Advisor Client website. Quicken shows both options when you search for TD Ameritrade in the program, and it will find your accounts if you link it to the TDA Advisor Client site, but the sync rules apparently are not setup correctly for the Advisor Client site and Quicken will only download partial data. I wiped out my Quicken accounts and reset them up by linking to the traditional TD Ameritrade website. They key here is NOT to use your TDA username and password. Instead, you will need to contact TDA tech support and setup a separate PIN and have that PIN associated with each of your accounts. Then you search/link those accounts from within Quicken by using the account numbers and the PIN, not your username and password.

    Hopefully this helps anyone in the future that may be experiencing the same issue.
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