Quick Pay doesn't work

Recently I used QuickPay to pay my mortgage. The payment was due on the 15th. I processed the payment via Quicken on 2/6 and the status indicated it would be delivered on 2/10. It did not arrive on time and I was assessed a $150 late charge. I then made the payment directly via my bank. I went into Quicken to see if I could cancel the QuicPay payment but there is no command to cancel the payment. Sheesh - When I called Quicken to ask that they reimburse me for the $150 late charge I was told 'no'. The the day following the call, (2/26) voila, the QuickPay payment cleared my bank account thus overdrawing my checking account. The only reason I used Quick pay is because when a couple of months ago, I used BillPay the payment was also late. I have used Quicken since 2007. This is very disappointing.


  • mshiggins
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    That is terrible! A late fee and an overdraft - wow!

    Who do you bank with? Was the BillPay through that bank?

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