New Shaded or Outlined transactions from R47.7

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Recently a new function was added to R47.7 that allows you to go in and select Outlined or Shaded to a transaction in the register. I have several questions and and comments about the change.

Shouldn't the statement have read: “selected" instead of new (yellow in attachmen).

Next after exploring this new feature I discovered that the choice includes the original use of highlighting the transaction and all you can do with it, including selecting “Cntrl” when selecting several transactions.

When in outline selected mode, you can only select one transaction to be outlined. If you try select more than one using the “Cntrl” keyboard function, the Quicken selection automatically reverts back to “shaded” function automatically. This seems to negate the purpose of the outline capability.

This takes us back to"new" features added but never checked for functionality… will it ever end?

Also in my attachment, I have a section outlined in red, that could help users actually find where this new feature is located and enable it. If the statement could include in my attechment (red circle): " located in the gear icon on the upper RH side of the register transactions under “Global preferences” toward the bottom.

I'm being presumptuous that this improvement was to augment the abliliy to see the screen and transactions better, so why not make it work exactliy like the shading function does as I suspect they were meant to be, because they are grouped together in the improvement. Sometime I think a lot is lost sometimes in the translation between developers and technical writers and the users!

To the superusers and moderators, and all those that want to help others I want to say to please remember that most users do not have the fine skills that many of you have as Bank Managers and IT Managers have so consideration may be most respected if understanding how all this quicken stuff works to and for others, and so the understanding of it all.

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