Bank connection warnings after bank password change

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My bank (Liberty Bank CT) updated it's online banking website requiring a new password. Now, I am getting a warning message from the bank each morning between 0200-0400 saying that a failed authentication attempt to login to your online banking account was made to log in to my accounts. The IP Address: Browser: Windows 7 Chrome 52.0.

I use both Quicken Win and Mac. I reset both Cloud accounts through the programs. I DO NOT use Mobile or Web for SYNC. I was using "Direct Connect" for Liberty which will now be discontinued by the bank. I only use Web Connect.

How can I get the aggregator to stop trying to connect to Liberty?


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    Q Mac Web Connect (or Q Windows Express Web Connect) means that a Quicken server runs an early morning automatic transaction download for you and stores the data on its server until you perform your next download from your Quicken program.

    The bank should have an authorization procedure where you can permit this third party aggregator access.

    Did you also disconnect/deactivate and reconnect/reactivate your accounts to inform the Quicken server of the new password?

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    Thank you for your remarks.

    I only use Web Connect for both Mac and Win. According to Quicken: "Web Connect is, simply put, a way you can download your transactions directly from your bank's website and import them into Quicken." So, there should be no automatic transactions taking place is my understanding.
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