Problems with EWC and Discover Card login

If anytime after sept 2022 you've had problems activating Web Connect to download transactions from your Discover card. If after adding your ID and PW you get a CC-503 error indicating an error related to your credentials, try this. Go to the Discover website and log into your account. Once in click on your profile on the upper right. scroll down to Profile & Settings then check your user ID . and use that ID in Quicken during Web Connect setup. Note the ID shown in your profile is limited to 16 characters. If you enter more than 16 characters when logging in to the Discover website their portal will truncate whatever you've entered to 16 characters automatically; however, if you enter more than 16 characters in Quicken during Web Connect setup Quicken will attempt to login with ALL of the characters you've entered for your user ID and the Discover website will reject the login.
In my case my ID was an email address that was 20 characters in length, but when I dropped the last 4 characters Quicken was able to connect. B)
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