Turbotax 2022 offer for Quicken Starter - how to give it away ?

I bought Turbotax 2022 via Amazon. There is a promotion for a free year of Quicken Starter. I can't use it because I just paid for another year of Quicken. I've called Turbotax, Quicken, and Amazon to find out how I can let another family member try the free year of Quicken Starter - each says to call the other. The activation code is needed but it appears to only be "imbedded" in the offer, which is associated with my Quicken account. Quicken corporate office said to just have my family member create a new Quicken account, download the software, and put in the code when it is requested. But no one can tell me what the code is. If they say it can be transferred to someone else, SOMEONE should be able to tell me how to do this, or even if it can be applied to my account for next year. Any answers here?
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