Chase not auto reconciling - same issue as last September

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Back in September 2022 I and others reported an issue with the Chase connection. This happened after the new connector was put in place. Quite simply, Quicken was attempting to reconcile automatically, and instead of reconciling against the "cleared" balance it was reconciling against the actual or available balance. This was fixed to a degree - but only on business days. Weekends or national bank holidays it was still broken and never fixed.

Starting this week on March 1, the entire reconciliation is now broken again. Automated reconciliation is no longer possible. As far as I am concerned, Quicken had not done enough to fix this, and now has allowed this functionality to be nonfunctional yet again. I'm wondering if anyone is now seeing this.

I have the latest version of Quicken Mac, Version 6.12.3 (Build 612.47885.100). Please reply, Quicken moderators.


  • bkjeight
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    I have the same problem, but with B of A, its not the bank, its Quickens last update screwed it up again. I spent a hour on the phone with a supervisor. The supervisor tried to troubleshoot, but could not even get their personal account to auto reconcile. The supervisor was escalating to the technicians to address the issue. For some reason even a supervisor does not have direct access to the Technical Support. So, I was referred to posting in the Community Chat. So if others are having the issue please post to get this resolved.
  • floydfan
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    That is interesting. My first thought was it was the same issue, but again just with Chase. So apparently something broke. But I’m relatively certain it was working for a bit even after the last update. Might be wrong about that.
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