Quick Pay has bit me in the butt, again...

I've been a Quicken user since it came out in the early eighties, but stopped using the QuickPay feature when it went a la carte many years ago. This time, at renewal last year, I upgraded to "Premier" which added the feature...

So far, since using QuickPay, I've had payment checks arrive late... and I don't mean by days, I mean by weeks. In one case, I issued a new check and simply had the recipient "tear up" the original check when it arrived two weeks later. A little embarrassing, yes... but it's not the fist time.

Now I've had the ultimate of stupidity happen which I just discovered when I went to do my daily update (which I usually do around 3 a.m. east coast time). I have multiple credit cards (mine and my kids) with Bank of America. My kids accounts were opened at the same time and cycle at the same time with the same payment-due date (which was March 4th this time around). I've always found it strange that while the notification of balances due show up at the same time, one of the accounts statements (through Quicken) isn't available for download until several days after the other.

I put in two QuickPay payments, as I do every month, for the balances to be paid on the last business day before the due date. In this case, the bills are actually due today, but I slated the payments for yesterday. I received an email notification from Quicken that the first payment was "successful" at 10 a.m. on the 3rd. I didn't think much of the the second one not having an email acknowledgement assuming it would show up later... which it didn't

When I opened Quicken to download the days transactions, I was met with a pop up stating "Payment Failed: Quicken was unable to complete your payment before the specified expiration time. Your payment has been canceled." What the...!!!!! So one was successful... and one wasn't?!?!?!?! ...and there's no further explanation other than noting that I initiated the payment on 17-FEB-2023? TOTALLY unacceptable. And I'll note, no recourse. In my case, I'll hop on BoA's website and manually put in a payment since I was fortunate enough to request payment a day early... but... it could have been a disaster with late payments, interest charges and so on. Also... which stokes me the most... no explanation. No rhyme nor reason.. accountability, etc. You get the picture. Also note that in this case, it was to Bank of America are they're paid by QuickPay electronically... not by a physical check.

In the future, I will discontinue paying bills through Quicken's QuickPay and revert back to entering them through MY bank's payment system directly. At least they're more competent, transparent and accountable. I should have realized how incompetent Quicken was when they still haven't been able to link my Capital One credit cards in BillPay since I restarted using QuickPay last July...

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