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Magically the E*trade account is no longer allowing me to download ESPP information. Only shows I have a brokerage account. Any one found a fix or having the same issue? I seen this was supposedly resolved and even downgraded the software which did not fix it.


  • mickkassem
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    Not sure if same issue but for a week or so, E*Trade is not downloading and I get an error CC-505 with no explanation on how to fix.
  • Armydog99
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    I think you are right, but nuking and reinstalling now only gives me my one account which is my brokerage account and not the ESPP stock.
  • UKR
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    That would be a separate issue. E*Trade Bank is causing the CC-505 problems (but nobody appears to have found out yet why that's happening). “Quicken E*Trade” for downloading E*Trade Brokerage accounts still works OK.

    Is it possible that your ESPP account has been mistakenly switched to “Simple Tracking” instead of “Complete”?
    Go into Edit Account Details on this account and look for the box labelled “Tracking Method”. Make sure it is set to “Complete”.

    There appears to be a bug floating around in Quicken which has flipped some accounts to “Simple” when it shouldn't … and I don't know if the programmers have caught it yet or not …

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