Trying to add a Subcategory but the Category doesn't show up in the list

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I have added subcategories many times before. I have a main Category called 'Healthcare'. I would like to add 'Dermatologist' as a subcategory but 'Healthcare' does not show up in the list (see screenshot). Any thoughts?


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    I have the same issue trying to add a subcategory to my "Dining" category

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    I had the same problem & fixed it. In my case it was a damaged Category list, made worse by Validating and/or Super Validating.
    1) Go to Tools ⇒ Category List.
    2) Click Show Hidden Categories (lower left corner).
    3) Scroll to the bottom of the list, stopping at the last category (e.g. ZZ) just before the categories starting with "_", then select it.
    4) Try to add a subcategory. The Subcategory item should show the ZZ category, but since your list is broken, it will be blank.
    5) Pull down the subcategory menu and scroll to the bottom of the list.
    6) Make note of the last category and subcategory (if there is one).
    7) Cancel the New Category window.
    8) Scroll up to the last validate category and subcategory you saw. In my case, the next category appeared to be the name of an old Account that I deleted from Quicken. Delete the bad category (you should see a message repeating the name of the category you are deleting and saying it is unused).

    Repeat steps 3-8 until your Category/Subcategory list is repaired.

    Hope this helps

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