Using Parallels, have you restored Windows made backup made on Intel Mac to a Mac Studio M1 chip

Sorry for long question. Just purchased Mac Studio moving from IMAC 27. Ran Quicken for Windows in Parallels. Always worked fine. AFter installng Quicken for Windows, the restore can't work because all my files are greyed out. Parallels says the Intel files aren't compatible with M1. Any one have success here before I call Quicken on Monday?


  • jfclague
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    There are a few users on this forum using Quicken thru Parallels on M-Series chip. You don't need to do any restore. Install Quicken on the new computer and take the Quicken Data.QDF file from your old computer and move to the new computer. You then just open that file in Quicken.

    Here is a great Parallels forum you can review and ask any questions:

  • Laurie B.
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    Hello jfclague, good of you to read and respond. So every time I download a Quicken file from my account, it gives me a MAC file. So I decided to try to fool them, and downloaded it through Microsoft Edge, and it gave me the Windows version, AND I was able to restore my last backed up file from the old computer. Now, it won't recognize my Mac side for things like backup etc. So I think I need to now call Parallels again. Thoughts?
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