If you think Quicken for Windows is horrible,

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Try importing your data file in Quicken for Mac. I've been a software dev for 20+ years and I've honestly never seen anything so horribly bad. The app itself (Quicken for Mac) is decent and might be fine if you start from scratch with a new file and retrain everything you know about the app, but if you think Quicken for Windows is bad & are thinking about moving your data file over to Mac, DON'T. The import process didn't give any errors but the data is so ridiculously bad it would take an hour to explain it. And it would probably take 80 hours to correct it, if that's even possible. My net worth is double what it should be, almost every account is duplicated, and I can't just delete one because both dups have drastically different balances & transactions, and both are wrong. The few accounts that are not duplicated are off by $200K or more. My checking account on Windows had a $5K bslance, on Mac it's -$91K (yes negative 91 thousand). A savings account on Windows shows $12K but on Mac it's $83K. My custom reports are missing. Bills are wrong and there's no stack view. This goes on & on, it would be funny if it weren't so frustrating on top of all the pain Quicken for Windows has caused over the years. Not only do I feel like I'm being held hostage to Quicken because they have no competition, I'm a hostage to QW.exe. I wonder how the employees feel working for a company that disappoints customers month after month after month after month.


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    Are you asking for help with the Win to Mac conversion or are you just lodging a complaint?

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