Memo Field No Longer Populates on AMEX Download

I have been syncing my AMEX account online every morning for years. Suddenly, about two weeks ago, the memo field quit self-populating when syncing. I've tried twice to have a Quicken agent help me to no avail. Both times the agent insisted it's American Express' problem. As suspected, when I called AMEX the agent said "oh, we have a special number for Quicken problems." It was Quicken's toll free customer support number! I had issues with downloads subsequent to Quicken "upgrades" with both Fifth-Third Bank and Charles Schwab brokerage in the past. On those occasions, in the end it was always Quicken who had created the problem and who ended up resolving the problem. With regard to this AMEX issue, I tried manually entering the memo information while trying to resolve the problem with Quicken. That is way too time consuming! I suppose I can live without the information, but why in the world should I have to settle for less than what I originally purchased and used successfully for years??!! So frustrating!!!


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Check your AmEx account details online services tab. Perhaps “Don't update memo when downloading” inadvertently became enabled.

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