Authorizing CapitalOne Account Unsuccessful

mason7989 Member ✭✭
I am a long-time user and I've been downloading my CapitalOne accounts just fine until now. I seem to be having the same issue. A new requirement for one of them has appeared directing me to a bank-hosted sign-in form in my default browser <image1>. I successfully log-in and authorize the accounts in MS Edge <image2>. But then the Quicken window times out and fails the authorization process <image3>. My other CapitalOne account is still using the Quicken internal authorization process, so it's working fine.


  • mason7989
    mason7989 Member ✭✭
    I fixed it by using "Add Account" from the Tools menu, instead of using "Update Now" or "Setup Online".
  • tardx
    tardx Member

    I'm getting the same problem. CapitalOne claims it's a Quicken problem and cannot help. Prior to getting the problem, I had set up a new CapOne account, and transferred money from another account into it; the new account and the transfer were not getting picked up by Quicken, and an attempt to disable/enable online service has resulted in nothing working because of the authorization failure. I don't want to manually add the account - I want the one-step update to work correctly for all my accounts. Suggestions?

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