Can Quicken not support multiple connections from the same bank?

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My wife and I have two Amex cards…I am the primary cardholder on one, she is the primary cardholder on the other. I am an authorized user on her card (and I have my own card under this account), she on mine.

It seems like I'm unable to connect both of these to Quicken for download…is that right? If I add mine, the authorization option for both cards shows up in the special Quicken-Amex authorization website…but her card doesn't download transactions. Ditto (but reversed) if I use her login info instead…I can “see” both cards in the authorization, but only hers will download transactions.

This seems a bit dumb…I don't understand why I can't authorize download of Amex Card #1 using my login info, and authorize download of Amex Card #2 using my wife's login info.


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    If you set up two test files, one with each credit card. Can you down load all the transactions from both accounts? That may provide a clue.

    if you can download all the transactions (albeit in two separate files), that kinda points to Quicken. If you can't downloan all the transactions, that kinda points to a credential issue at AMEX.

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    @KnnNike My wife and I are in a similar situation with Amex and other FIs and have had no problems at all for years. You will have two separate connections to Amex… one under your login credentials for the account for which you are primary and one with her login credentials to link to the account for which she is primary. Any 2-factor or other additional security options from Amex will apply to the actual account holder (SSN).

    P.S. In the case of my Amex accounts that are shared with my wife… she cannot see my transactions when she logs in, only hers as a sub-account. The PDF bills are not viewable on her side… only on mine. Different Amex cards do different things to make it even stranger. So, I suspect it is a case of Amex trying to keep things simple with respect to Quicken.

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