why is account constantly being added?

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Everytime I download transactions from BOA , quicken 2018 ,windows 10, it adds a marcus Goldman account to my account list. I have a Marcus goldman account, Quicken adds this account as if brand new with no transactions. I am constantly deleting this new account ,but it constantly come back when downloading from BOA. I have reset, deactivated and run validate and repair on both accounts , but it keeps happening. Please help. Thanks


  • Jim
    Jim Member ✭✭
    Just an update to my question. I do not use one step update. Whenever i get downloaded transactions from any of my accounts , it adds a marcus goldman account to the account list
  • MontanaKarl
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    If not using OSU, are you downloading an OFX or similar file and importing that? If so, my guess is that the name of the account in Quicken doesn't match the exact name in the OFX file. Or, if you edit the account settings for your MG account in Quicken… does it have the full account number shown there? Maybe the mapping is looking for the account number.

    To track this down, compare every account setting for the newly created account vs the existing account to see where they differ.

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