How do I keep transactions in the order they were reconciled?

As I reconcile transactions, Quicken places in apparently random order within the date. I'd like to keep transactions in the same order as I have reconciled them. When the order of reconciled transactions is changed, it's very difficult to match the numbers with what the bank/credit card company report shows.


  • Mark1104
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    Tony- your options are clicking the top line of the transaction register. Personally, I always sort by the “CLR” column, that way everything with a ‘R" (reconciled) is listed first, followed by ’C" (Cleared) and then the remaining items are unreconciled.

    I find it VERY easy to maintain reconciliation this way.

  • Tony Ferraro
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    Thanks Mark. I've done this, but I'm looking for something that won't change the order of the transactions after I've reconciled them.
  • Mark1104
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    what I described is the best Quicken offers.

  • Frankx
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    Hi @Mark1104

    Just to be clear - during the reconciliation process, you have two options: a) sort the unreconciled transactions by transaction date, or b) sort the unreconciled transactions by posting date.

    Once you have completed the reconciliation process, you have various sorting options - that are not limited to the “top line of the transaction register” here's the list of register sorting options:

    I am not sure that these will get you where you want to go, but pay attention especially to he last two. Another possible option would be to repurpose a field (like the memo field) for your purposes.


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