Bank of America downloads changing balances

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B of A's transaction downloads go back and change opening balances in my registers. Quicken help has advised me that they are working with B of A to resolve this issue but it has not yet been resolved. Have others experienced a similar issue? Quicken's advice to me is to manually enter all B of A account transactions.


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    I'm experiencing this issue with a Citi credit card. So I think it's Quicken, not B of A, who's at fault.

    I accidentally overpaid my Citi card by a lot. (Paid the amount due on my wife's card instead of my own.) I asked Citi for a refund and they had to mail me a check.

    Now their online balance is different from mine because, you know, “the check's in the mail.” Every OSU, Quicken changes the account's opening balance by the exact amount of the refund I have not yet received. That's a Quicken bug. Citi can't change my opening balance and B of A can't change yours. Opening Balance is a Quicken artifact.

    I have not had this problem with any of my 3 B of A accounts.

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