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Canadian Version Quicken Home & Business - CNX:DPRO doesn't update the price. Quicken support has declined to almost zero now, the new people there have no clue asking me to check my data and keeping me on hold forever scratching my head wondering if he's just gone off to have a cigarette. So quicken support is not really a viable option. I'm not going to wait 3 hours like some of the previous posters have only to get no resolution.

I used the Quicken program to locate the proper symbol for this equity which is trading in CAD$ and that is the symbol that fills in by default, and yet it doesn't update. It doesn't even show the typical clock icon that normally shows when an equity isn't updating. There was one other question about this going back a couple of years that Quicken just shut down but never resolved it. I expect the only way I can get a solution will be to sell the stock so I won't have to update it manually every day. Solutions??


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    CNX is the Canadian Securities Exchange. Quicken appears not to update equities on this exchange for some reason. I note that on Yahoo Canada, DPRO propagates in Quicken as CNX:DPRO but it doesn't work. I have other stock tracking software which has absolutely no trouble at all tracking DPRO on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Draganfly Inc. is listed on Yahoo Finance as DPRO.CN.

    I also note that WELL.TO propagates incorrectly, as WELL.DB in Quicken. The correct Canadian ticker is WELL, so you have to go and fix Quicken's incorrect ticker. I do recall having brought up these issues with their support some years ago and it looks like they still haven't figured out a way to track certain securities listed on Toronto or CNX. But really they owe it to their subscribers to track CNX stocks, instead of pretending that there is some sort of data validation error on my end and wasting my time.
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