Treasury Bill recording 100x off (Q Mac)

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Autodownloading transactions from Fidelity. Transactions appear correct though upon selling (maturing) the balance of my account records as 1000000 not 10000 as actually purchased. Anyone know how to fix this?


  • JurgenBecker
    for clarification: after maturing, the historical balance of my account reflected a 1M gain then a 1M loss when the bill matured. When I first purchased it, the accounting was correct
  • mapleosb
    mapleosb Member ✭✭✭
    I had this happen all the time for awhile. Usually, it is just a price difference on the download. When you buy let's say 100 bonds @$1000, cost is $100,000. Then when you sell, for some reason Fidelity downloads 100,000 bonds at $1. Look at the Sell and see if that may be the problem. If so just change the shares and price and it should correct. Hope that helps.
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