Has anyone been able to set up a Carta account in Quicken for Mac?

Trying to set up a new Account with financial institution "Carta". But continues to fail.

The institution name "Carta" comes up in the Quicken new account list of institution. I can enter my account name, and password and also get a security code from Carta to enter. But after waiting for a while, it times out with an error.


  • Quicken Jared
    Quicken Jared Alumni ✭✭✭✭

    Hello @rubikbabakanian,

    We are sorry about this problem with adding accounts. Thank you for letting us know about this here on the Quicken Community.

    Can you tell us what error message you are seeing after the program times out? Are you noticing a numbered code alongside this message, and if so, what is it?

    I look forward to your answers, and I hope to work with you on this issue further, if necessary.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared

  • rubikbabakanian
    rubikbabakanian Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the response: Per your request, please see below the Unexpected error code:

    Care Code: FDP-102

    Retry. SUB_ERROR_CODE:519 SESSION_FAILED_519null
  • Quicken Jared
    Quicken Jared Alumni ✭✭✭✭

    Hello @rubikbabakanian ,

    I appreciate you taking the time to get back to us with that information. We are sorry about the problems this FDP-102 error message is causing.

    First, in order to address this issue, I need to confirm that certain troubleshooting steps have been attempted. Save a backup by navigating to File > Save a Backup… in the upper menu at the top of the screen, then proceed through the steps provided in this Support Article, in order. Note that errors of this kind are typically caused by a banking institution being unavailable or when your sign-in information with the banking institution has recently been changed.

    Let us know if this seems to resolve the problem.

    I look forward to your response about this.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared

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