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I have accounts with a bank that requires 2FA. When I click the update button to update all accounts here is what happens:

1. It first downloads the data from all the accounts that do not require 2FA.
2. It then downloads the data from the accounts that require 2FA

The problem is that when I filter the accounts by Last Downloaded everything that was downloadeed in the "first pass" no longer shows in the Last Downloaded. (It is blank on those accounts). The transactions downloaded in the "second pass" do show up in the Last Downloaded.

The workaround is as follows:

Click the update button but do not provide the 2FA information but instead cancel. You can then review all the Last Downloaded transactions in all the other accounts. Then you run it again for the 2FA accounts.

HOWEVER, in my opinion it should be smart enough not to behave this way.

Can you pass this along to the development team?



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    @carl Actually, to get development's attention, you should use the in-program Help > Report a Problem …

    When you make this report, be sure to include a few screenshots as evidence of the problem. And you might include a link to this discussion.

    AND yes, "IT SHOULD BE SMART ENOUGH NOT TO BEHAVE THIS WAY". I fact, there are otther cases where the Last Downloaded calculations fail to display all recently downloaded transactions - which I have reported a number of times via Report a Problem …

    FINALLY: My personal solution to this problem is to use the account list in the sidebar. I just review any account with a colored Dot indicating unreviewed transactions present in that register.

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