Cannot connect after bank user name and password change

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I have changed both my user name and password at my bank. I have 3 accounts attached to the Home account. My Quicken 6.12.3 repeatedly gives an error msg on the Home account that 'connection cannot be made because the account does not not exist.' The error message for the other 3 accounts is "The account you are trying to connect to may have had a change to the account number. If the account has not been closed, fix it by reconnecting your account. (Error Code: 2003)". My account number has not changed. I retry and enter the new user name and password. More perplexing is that the most recent transactions do download.


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    First, sometimes those changes can take a little while to process. I've gotten locked out of my credit union account more than once because I tried to re-login too soon after changing the password.

    If you changed your username & password, then you should Disconnect the account (under Account Settings, select the Downloads tab & click on Disconnect Account) and then reconnect it.

    I don't understand what you mean by “I have 3 accounts attached to the Home account”. I don't think it's possible to have more than one bank account attached to a specific account in Quicken, or vice versa.

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