quicken not quick , but slow..opening an investment register takes 30 seconds.

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one investment register takes 30 seconds or more to open after clicking on it.

other registers a bit better at only 5 seconds to open.

i just upgraded to a computer twice as fast and still same.

what is wrong with this software?



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    i just upgraded to a computer twice as fast and still same.

    Does that mean your processor chips are now twice as fast (e.g., now 3 GHz instead of 1.5 GHZ)?
    Or do you now have twice as many processor chips (e.g., now 8 CPUs instead of 4)?

    Quicken (mostly) only uses 1 CPU to do its work. There is not much parallel processing going on.

    The hard drive could be a bottleneck if lots of other activity is going on at the same time.

    On some systems MS OneDrive is now on by default, automatically backing up to a cloud drive … even if you did not explicitly activate it. This is not supported. Verify that the folder containing your active Quicken data file is NOT being processed by OneDrive.

    And take a look at this, please:


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