I don't want to include this CC acct in my budget. (Q Mac)


I am trying to find out how I can NOT have a credit card accts transactions show up in my budget. I do NOT have this particular (AMEX) checked in my “select accts” however the transactions from this acct are appearing in my reports and monthly budgets. I do have other credit cards selected but don't understand why I am seeing transactions from the unchecked AMEX acct


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    If you want to exclude an account from your budget, you need to edit the budget & deselect the account there. On the budget select “Edit Budget” then at the bottom of the screen click on Select Accounts. This won't affect any reports, it will only affect the budget. If you want to exclude the account from reports you will have to edit each report to exclude that account.

    Alternatively, you might want to consider marking this account as Separate which should prevent it from showing up in any reports or budgets.

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