How do I find and delete duplicate transactions after importing a QFX file from Capital One

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I am a new user evaluating if this software can help me.

I have set up my credit card. properly for automatic downlaoding and downloaded the default history.

I manually downloaded the previous year's QFX file and then imported it through quickbooks. I noticed a duplicate transaction.

I opened the QFX file file with a text editor and noticed this transaction is lsted twice in the QFX file but has a unique transaction ID that matches both listings. I now see there are mulitple such duplicates.

Quicken does not seem to be paying attention to the unique transaction ID. How do I find these duplicate and remove them?


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    PS replace QUickbooks with quicken

  • Ps56k2
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    The transaction ID is assigned at the bank and is different for each downloading pathway…. Manual QFX vs Quicken OSU.

    So - if you manually download and Import a QFX file -
    and then use Quicken One Step Update to download…. you might get dups.

    Easiest way is to view the Register - and then at the top - click on the sorting icon by… date, or amount -
    you should then be able to scroll and see the dups next to each other

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