Bank of America downloaded checking balance errors - One Step Update

After doing my usual OSU this morning, my two BOA checking accounts showed reconcile errors reflecting errors in what they showed as the downloaded “online balance”. On Bank of America's website, the balance shown is exactly what my transaction register shows, and is different from the Quicken “online balance". There are a few pending transactions (BOA website) that on the website already figures into what it shows as my available balance, but the amounts of those transactions do not appear to be related to the amount by which Quicken's downloaded online balance is off. The downloaded “online balance” in Quicken does not fit with my register at any point whether pending transactions are included or not.

New problem. Ideas?



  • Joseph Witkin
    Joseph Witkin Member ✭✭✭

    Follow-up - fixed when the pending transactions actually cleared. Something about the way Bank of America pending transactions in checking account are seen by Quicken in One Step Update - but takes care of itself I guess.