Quicken mis-identifies account type when setting up online connection

When I try to set up the online services for a credit card, Quicken correctly tries to link it to an existing account. However, Quicken tries to link it the online credit card account to a savings account. Because Quicken indicates the online account is a savings account it doesn't offer the correct link to the credit card account.

The account I want to link the online connection to is identified as a credit account and has the same name as the online link account.

I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the online connection several times, all to no avail.

Any ideas on how I can get Quicken to identify and link to the correct account?


  • UKR
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    Before trying to activate an account, have you made sure that the account register in Quicken has been correctly deactivated first?
    When activating, in the list of accounts found at the bank, be sure to click the LINK button for each account and select the correct Quicken account register from the pulldown list. What Quicken suggests may not always be correct …

  • BAKanyon74
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    I disconnected the accounts by selecting edit account details, online services, deactivate. Quicken does it's thing and next shows Set up now under the online services tab. Close Quicken and then reopen. Select edit account details, online services, and press set up now.

    I am presented with a page showing my four USAA accounts, which are two checking and two credit cards. However, Quickens shows the two credit card accounts as savings accounts. When I select the "link to existing" drop down menu the only possible accounts I can link my USAA credit cards account to are savings accounts (one of which is closed in Quicken). Last week Quicken identified one USAA credit card correctly as a credit card and the second as a savings account. This week Quicken has identified both of them as savings accounts. The problem is Quicken doesn't even offer the correct account to link my online downloads to. Quicken misidentifies the type of account and only offers to link it to similar types of accounts in Quicken, even if they are a closed account.

    I've been through this process at least 5 times in the past 10 days. Each time hoping that Quicken will have fixed the problem.