One Step Update Error but no error code in summary plus new account errors

When I do a One Step Update, in the Update Progress Window, I get "An Error Has Occurred" for Fidelity Net Investments and Vanguard. Everything else works. In Update Summary Window, there is no error message or code. This has been going on for several months now.

My wife and I, over the last week, have hired Fisher Investments as our Fiduciary and are now in the process of transferring our accounts from Vanguard to Fidelity Investments AND will be soon transferring her 401K from Fidelity Net Benefits to Fidelity Investments. I added and activated all of our accounts with Fidelity Investments yesterday. This morning my Fidelity account successfully updated but updates for both her Fidelity accounts and both of our Vanguard accounts are getting errors with no error codes.

I followed Quicken Anja’s advice and deactivated/reactivated all of our accounts but received a message “No Quicken Update allowed” for the current 401K account with Fidelity Net Benefits. I was able to successfully reconnect the Vanguard and Fidelity Investments accounts. However, I am still getting errors without explanation.

I also have Citi credit card accounts that are updating okay.

The Quicken version I have is Windows 10 Home; R47.15; Build

Thank you in advance!


  • EvanstonDave
    EvanstonDave Member ✭✭
    I get this exact same behavior (for Fidelity only, don't have Vanguard account). Any suggestions on what could resolve this issue?
  • tom.macconnel
    tom.macconnel Member ✭✭

    The updating issue seemed to resolve itself with the next Update Version (R48.15) and a reboot of my laptop. I have closed all of my Quicken Vanguard accounts and i am receiving all investment activity for both the Fidelity Net Benefits account (an active 401K) and both my wife and my Fidelity Investment managed accounts (in which Fisher Investments is in the process of purchasing securities daily).

  • jammb1
    jammb1 Member ✭✭
    After several weeks of getting the error message, it magically started to work yesterday... yet today, it is back to being broken, giving me the error message again. Strangely, I received an email today from Quicken Anja saying the problem was resolved, yet it definitely is not resolved - I am back to getting "an error has occurred." The error seems to come and go without reason, though I get the error far more often than I don't.
  • EvanstonDave
    EvanstonDave Member ✭✭
    the same thing "sort of" happened to me...all of a sudden my Fidelity account started working, but now my wife's fidelity account is not working (maybe it just worked out my account but whatever work-around I did for my account I need to do for mine, except now I can't recall what I did as it's been like 2-3 months of trying to fix) :'(
  • EvanstonDave
    EvanstonDave Member ✭✭
    Update: when I ran just the update of just one Fidelity account, it now is seeming to work just fine...and after that stand-alone update, the full update now appears to be working as well...hope this holds out
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