Fidelity NetBenefits (Q Mac)



  • Nort
    Nort Member

    Since 3/6/23 one of my 3 Fidelity NetBenefits accounts (a standard 401(k)) is not updating at all; the other 2 ((401(k) brokerage accounts) are updating normally.

  • kaisersoze
    kaisersoze Member

    I have the same problem

    "I have two fidelity accounts, one is 401K the other is HSA. The 401K will not direct connect. Tried resetting, etc, everything short of deleating and reloading, but I dont want to lose my history. Any patch coming ?"

  • Nelson623
    Nelson623 Member

    Having same issues. At first thought it was due to an issue when a stock was exchanged but now see it's a connection issue. Seeing double transactions on some accounts. 401k account not showing up in investment connection anymore and when trying to connect via it's not bringing in all of my investments.

    Fidelity is top notch normally, what is going on!?

  • Jon9
    Jon9 Member ✭✭
    I called Fidelity about this, and they know nothing about it...

    - Jon
  • R Patel
    R Patel Member

    This is going on for too long and affecting way too many people. We pay for this service. Its not free. Please provide us an update. Tell us what you've done to fix this even if you dont yet have a resolution.

    The words "Parse error" and "SECID Missing Tag: TAG UNKNOWN" keeps popping up multiple times in the logs. Example below -

    (replacing ofx-secure-plus number with "`````")

    20230315 20:40:12: QFN: End send to`````, netstatus 0
    20230315 20:40:12: Parse error. Current object: SECID Missing Tag: TAG UNKNOWN
    20230315 20:40:13:

    ==== Mini-OSU End (20230315/20:40:15) ====

    ==== Mini-OSU Start (20230315/20:40:34) ====
    20230315 20:40:34: QFN: Beginning send to
    20230315 20:40:38: QFN: End send to`````, netstatus 0
    20230315 20:40:38: Parse error. Current object: SECID Missing Tag: TAG UNKNOWN
    20230315 20:40:39:

    ==== Mini-OSU End (20230315/20:40:40) ====

  • T73
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    FDP-105 Care Code

  • Mark NY
    Mark NY Member

    I am frustrated. I pay for an annual subscription and this needs to be fixed. My 2 Fidelity NetBenfits accounts (403B) are not updating correctly - duplicating also.

  • ST
    ST Member ✭✭
    Intuit, the company who used to own and support Quicken, has free online product called Mint ( I am using it to track investments for now. Actually, thinking about using it to replace Quicken entirely.
  • ddaless100
    ddaless100 Member

    Having the same issue for 2 weeks now

  • Rogo
    Rogo Member

    I'm having same issue issue trying to download my Fidelity NetBenefits 401k.


  • Ps56k2
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    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
  • njsg
    njsg Member ✭✭
    Here is a post from Ajia at Q about this issue.

    Quicken Anja
    Quicken Anja Moderator mod
    12:06PM edited 2:09PM

    ONGOING 3/22/23

    While this issue remains ongoing, our teams have identified the issue and Fidelity is implementing a fix very soon, though we do not have an exact ETA available at this time. Further updates will be provided once more information, updates, etc become available.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja
  • Vesparado
    Vesparado Member ✭✭

    My problem with my Quicken for Mac started around 3/10/2023 when one of the two securities I have in my Fidelity Net Benefits account stopped updating its price information (US Equity Index). Nothing, not even todays update to Version 6.12.5 (Build 612.47953.100) today has fixed this. (the number of shares was altered at one point as well, but that happened only once and I simply removed the shares). I am able to update the price manually using the Fidelity web site, but would prefer not to have to do that and worry that any transactions won't come down either (haven't had any so far).

    I have several times tried starting a new file from scratch and have found that the account information that comes down is for the other security in that acount but nothing appears for the security that won't update. All my Fidellity information (Investment Acount and Net Benefits) comes up on the Fidelity web site in my browser and the prices update there just fine. I see all the updated information also comes up in my Fidelity app on my iPhone.

    I have a feeling Fidelity did someting that caused this but think you and Fidelity need to work together to fix it. Hope you do so soon.

  • aardvarker
    aardvarker Member ✭✭
    This issue continues to persist. Only one of my two Fidelity NetBenefits holdings is downloading.
  • Vesparado
    Vesparado Member ✭✭

    Sounds like we have the same problem, aardvarker. Is there any sort of update or status report from Quicken and if so how do I find it? A Quiken tech support person sent me this link this morning but it is about duplicate entries and is old. Is there anything on our issue?

  • rogera
    rogera Member

    This has been broken for TWO WEEKS. 'For two weeks we get the we are working on it message. Maybe Quicen isn't aware we are closing in on the end of tax season. Maybe Quicken talks about providing tax tools but talk is cheap when these tax tools do not work. Most of my history was lost as a part of this problem. Does Quicken not understand that the history I use should be available in my financial documents stored in Quicken.

    I do not aloways give a totally agree when surveyed with the question would you recommend "name you app" to others. I can tell you, my son dumped the use of Quicken because it was not stable and I would never recommend Quicken to a friend. I ask friends what they use instead. Btw, just received notice on your new release. Again I recommend - less time and money for development of new function. More time to make basic funcitoin function. QUICKEN DONT WORK.

  • rogera
    rogera Member

    If I may add. During the time Quicken hasn't the fix quicken has promised to deliver - four banks have failed and firms are releasing more warning and updates.. Kind of a time when investors would like to have personal financial data at hand and accurate. I am at a point of regular checkpoints of balances in Quicken and my actual accounts. Because I do not trust the information in Quicken.

  • Vesparado
    Vesparado Member ✭✭
    Talked with customer service again and this time got a ticket number (10133007) but I have no idea how to check on the status of that ticket. Can anybody tell me?
  • frank6
    frank6 Member ✭✭✭

    what fidelity bank should i select in quicken mac for fidelity netbenefits? all was working then i deleted it and don't remember which one is the correct one.

  • Vesparado
    Vesparado Member ✭✭
    This one, frank6: you just input Fidelity NetBenefits in the search field.
  • Vesparado
    Vesparado Member ✭✭
    The NetBenefits security which hasn't been updating for the last couple of weeks did update tonight (as did the other one which as been updating all along.
  • T73
    T73 Member ✭✭
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    THis has been going on for two weeks.

  • Vesparado
    Vesparado Member ✭✭
    Did anyone else find their downloads worked properly last night or this morning?
  • SK2020
    SK2020 Member ✭✭
    For me the duplicate securities issue has resolved
  • Vesparado
    Vesparado Member ✭✭
    Well sounds like maybe they fixed the problem!
  • pgneely
    pgneely Member

    Nope. Still not working. The challenge is to know which Fidelity to connect to. There's Fidelity 401K, Fidelity Advisor, Fidelity Investments Mac, Fidelity NetBenefits, and NetBenefits Worldwide - Fidelity. They don't make this easy.

    I can connect to Fidelity brokerage accounts using Fidelity Investments Mac and Fidelity NetBenefits, but they're still refusing Quicken access to my 401K with them.

  • frank6
    frank6 Member ✭✭✭

    it started to work but it still downloaded duplictes so i deleted the account and added it back. it seems to be working but I only have transaction history back to december. i changed the download date but still not downloading before december. is there a way to get back that history?

  • snowland
    snowland Member ✭✭
    Same issue: Version 6.12.5 (Build 612.47953.100)
  • Mark_L
    Mark_L Member ✭✭
    I deleted and reset my Netbenefits 401k account again today. It is still only showing half my portfolio. This is getting very frustrating. Every time I reset it, I also have to reset all my transfers from my paychecks since the account has gone missing
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